About EMS Driving School

Our Mission

Our mission at EMS Drivers' ED is to provide a professional learning environment while supplying exceptional training, safety and customer service to our students and their families. Our mission is to transfer knowledge from our instructors and first-responders to new drivers with the end goal of producing accident and ticket-free drivers. Our mission is to groom a competent, confident and safe driver who develops useful, defensive-driving skills. Lastly, our mission is to be the leading, defensive-driving school in Texas with the focus on providing the most accurate, lawful and safe driving-curriculum.

Our Goal

Dr. Lewis is a longtime resident of Rockwall. She has witnessed the effects of needless car and motorcycle accidents by youth and young adults. This has always captured the attention of her heart and as a result, her goal is to make a difference in the lives of today's drivers.

EMS Driving School
EMS Driving School

Dr. Lewis-Gunn, CEO & Owner

Dr. Val Lewis-Gunn, PhD, MBA, RN still holds her license as a Registered Nurse. She practiced nursing for over 24 years with a background in ER, ICU, CCU, and NEURO medicine. She advanced from bedside nursing to corporate nursing and recently completed a career as an HR Director and Compliance Officer within a Dallas healthcare system. March 2022, Dr. Lewis obtained a dual PhD in Psychology and Business. She presently is the Chief Executive Officer for EMS Drivers' ED.


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